The NighTale

A Story For Every Emotion

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Emotional Protest When we don’t talk,When we don’t laugh together,or cry togetherwith the person we love,is the sign of emotional protest. When we pretend we don’t care,When actually, we care the most.When we pretend we don’t need them,when we actually need them the most,is the sign of emotional protest. When peace is maintained all outside,But […]

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اک خواب THIS IS THE ORIGIONAL THE NIGHTALE POEM WRITTEN BY WAQAR FAROOQ. Vo har vaqt Muskurana teraVo har cheez mai samana teraVo andaaz-i-bayaa ka paimana teraEk anjaan raastay pe mujhe mil jana tera وہ ہر وقت مسکرانا تیراوہ ہر چیز میں سمانا تیراوہ انداز بیان کا پیمانہ تیرااک انجان راستے پر مجھ سے مل […]


Traits all aspire Traits all aspire for are what you possess perfectly.You are the set of a combination of trillion desired zeroes.Answer your colors to you to your knocking questions directly,And do more than what is by heroes. Isn’t your name the property of the night sky?Do not you symbolize direction and hopeFor sailors and […]

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Meray Ehsaas ka ek manzar lagti hoTaez ho ki Shamsheer-i-Sikandar lagti hoMujhko dekh kr b mujhe Nazarandaaz karti ho kabhiTum Qalb ko cheernay vali Khanjar Lagti ho میرے احساس کا ایک منظر لگتی ہوتیز ہو کہ شمشیر سکندر لگتی ہومجھ کو دیکھ کر بھی مجھے نظر انداز کرتی ہو کبھیتم قلب کو چیرنے والی خنجر […]

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Serene Every day, after the Ish’aa Prayer (Prayer after the sunset), Ibrahim and his 3 friends would meet at the treehouse they had built at one of the Chinar trees in the back of their garage. The garage is placed on the highway but on the backside of the garage are tens of Chinar trees […]