11 beautiful Quotes of life – Wisdom, Philosophy and Inspirational

11 beautiful Quotes of life - Wisdom, Philosophy and Inspirational

11 Quotes of life

Here are some quotes of life by our users. we at The Night Tale believe that everyone is a philosopher because you have spent the life you have lived yet with many difficulties and many have you overcome. You are a warrior as you have taken many arrows and still fighting this battle of life. Here are some quotes of life by YOU, for YOU.

Some days I wish I could go back in life. Not to change anything, but to feel a few things twice.

Shakira Manzoor

Asking for help takes more courage than thinking you are strong enough to do it all on your own

From Flight of the Chosen By Dustin Cowell

Always remember, I came here to study not to be sick. Even though I fall down, fail, I am able to rise up again and continue marching towards my success.

Er. Victor Zua Canda

I don’t believe in failure, cause I strive hard for success.

Demola Dewriter

Why am I dying to live, if I am living to die

Jahangir Ahmad

The only thing that makes us humans are emotions. Emotions define who we are and make us understand the world as a whole.

Suhana Shabir

Don’t change yourself for someone or something. Remember you are only one in 8 BILLION. And remember, you get what you deserve, and if you are one in billions, you deserve one in billions.

Sehreena Shabnum

A fool thinks he is wise and a wise knows he is fool.

Bhat Muzamil

If the definition of Beauty for you is only limited up to appearances then you are someone who has actually missed out on what beauty actually is.


One who took Sweet Will taste sour, One who took sour, Will taste sweet.


Madness Has a taste. Let’s tell each other how its tastes after questioning the adopted truths.

Sheikh Hamid

End of Quotes of life

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