An Invisible Power


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An Invisible Power

I begin to write, it restricted me

I begin to cleanse it, it paralyzed me.

I begin to know it, it arrested me

What is it? an invisible power is that as an enemy


With whom power, the life shifted

To mort’s periphery

In fact, mortality.

But this unexpected hurry!


The hope doors closed.

The breezing wind a worry

The power by you,

And you have the curie.


The knowledge being denied,

The warriors being victimized

Can’t you listen we crying

And I cried, “My lord you are the only hope,

Rest hopes are devoid.”

Written by Shahid Mehboob Khatana
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Shahid Mehboob son of Mehboob Ali Khatana born on the 6th of June 2004. persuing Doctercy from Srinagar is a follower of natural beauty and an intimate friend of writing based on Romanticism and adverse times of life. Aiming at conquerors in praising the Lord’s beauty of nature. You can contact him on Instagram
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  1. Yes bro uh r rght we are suppressed by all these things but we have to stand we have to try and In Sha Allah we will achieve our goal..


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