Golden Hay

Golden Hay

Golden Hay

‘The king and his men.

Gone to the den.

with a map and a pen.

to find the golden hen…’

In the land of prosperity, lived the king who wanted to marry a woman who was prophesized by the Magi that if she was married to the king, he will be able to conquer five times the land he currently holds.

The Magi said that this woman was capable of turning everything she touched with the will into gold. So the king ordered to bring every woman of his kingdom, one by one, to be tested.

               Far in the fields, lived a young girl, maybe 22 years old. Her work was to feed the chicken on her father’s farm. With dreams and hopes, while feeding the chicken she would every day sing the same song over and over. I think the chickens may have memorized the lyrics too;

‘sing along the sky.

With every flip of butterfly.

Dance with this feeding bean.

Till you become the queen.

And when the prince of a far land.

Will come for your hand.

Then with a smile will you stand.

In front of everyone…’

And thus, not knowing what she was saying could be true or not, she would always feed her chickens singing this song and would enjoy their symphony. But somewhere in her heart, she… wanted to be… the queen.

“Listen to the news from your beloved king.” was saying a soldier aloud followed by some five other soldiers. “The king wants to marry a beautiful girl. Whosoever thinks she is beautiful enough, must come with us. The girl should be young not more than 26, and should be as beautiful as the moon… Listen to the news from your beloved king …” Thus, marching with a loud noise, the soldiers entered another village.

“But magi didn’t say the girl should be less than twenty-six, why is he saying so?” said soldier 1 to soldier 2.

“Every woman thinks she eighteen.” Replied soldier 2.

“Great trick… but we ourselves are at risk.”


“My wife is eighteen too from the past two decades.”

Thus, left the marching team of soldiers, planting a seed of a dream in the eyes of every woman. And soon this news reached to the ear of our farm girl; Sophia. And it was now her time to be what she was in her songs. She told her parents about it and was able to convince them too that she will go with the caravan tomorrow.

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After crossing two villages, the team of marching soldiers has entered into a familiar-looking village.

 “Listen to the news from your beloved king. The king wants to marry a beautiful girl. Whosoever thinks she is beautiful…” and suddenly something entered his mouth choking his throat. After a while, he coughed out a gold ring.

“I am not your wife anymore.” Said a fat woman passing by.

“But my donut, who will prepare the hot and tasty meal for me if you are gone?” said the soldier who was narrating the news a moment ago.

“I will send you a royal maid to cook for you”

But at the farm, Sophia is desperately waiting for the sunset and stars.

At the farm, the chickens are very curious. They don’t want to lose Sophia. So, one of them raised its voice,

‘come and let us pray.

To save our day.

Of future so we say.

Oh Lord don’t send her away…’

               The next morning, every single woman even grandma left with the caravan.

“Hay granny, we only need women below the age of 26.” Said soldier 3 to an old woman.

“I am only 22 years old .” Replied the old woman, “Please give me some side.”

               In the palace, the already arrived women were being tested. They were asked to say” I want this hay to turn to gold.” And then, were given the order to touch the hay. No woman was able to do it yet, but the king was not ready to give up.

After three days, Sophia reached the capital, and on the fourth day came her turn to prove her worth.

“What is your name?” said the royal advisor to her.

“Sophia.” She replied.

“Sophia please repeat after me, ‘I wish if this hay could turn to gold.’”

“I wish if this hay could turn to gold.” Sophia repeated.

“Now please touch the hay.”

After a deep breath, Sophia moved to the hay to touch it. She wasn’t sure why the royal advisor was saying so, but she obeyed. After going near the hay, she reached her hand to touch it.

Near, near, near, her hand was reaching, and finally, she touched it, but nothing happened. She was sent back to her village and with a broken heart, she sang,

‘Goodbye, my dream, goodbye forever.

I think I will dream you now never

Again. But I can’t control it.

Maybe my old world is my fit.

But I won’t give up too,

Someday I will have you…’

Thus, with these lyrics, she reached her farm again and the chicken thanked God for accepting their prayers. Their queen was finally back.

               After a year the Magi died and after three years of his death, the king fell very ill. He was still in the search of that prophesized woman.

No doctor was able to cure him so he was finally ordered to release his previous royal doctor who was in jail because magi had prophesied that if he wasn’t put in jail, the kingdom will be purged by the demons from above.

“Doctor could it be true that if you are out of jail, we could be attacked by the demons from above?” asked the king to the doctor.

“Your highness, pardon me, but did royal Magi tell you this?” asked the doctor back.

“Yes doctor, the royal Magi told it to me.”

“I am sorry your highness but a day before you put me in jail, I had declared the royal Magi mad. He was out of his mind.”

And after listening to this, rested the king in peace…

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Written by Waqar Farooq
Edited by Ayaan Ashraf

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