How to be Happy?

How to be Happy?

How to be happy?

Don’t imagine your glory,
Don’t run for your fame.
Don’t keep telling a story,
Of your prestige and your name.

Learn to be in the crowd, yet to live alone,
Give the time they deserve to your family.
The heart is meant to be soft, don’t turn it into a stone,
And learn the secret of ‘how to be happy?’

Hope, but don’t expect,
For everyone is a human being.
Walk not with pride, but self-respect
And as a slave not as a king.

Don’t make friends with everyone on the road,
Yet bind to your friends tight and strappy.
Avoid being a judge and an advocate for someone’s load.
And this is the secret of ‘how to be happy?’

Play with children like a child,
Respect elders and your agemates too.
Be a person of discipline, not wild,
And be born every day; better and new.

Confront your disaster,
You don’t need to flee.
Become your master,
For this is a secret of ‘how to be happy?’

Smile often and don’t laugh loud,
Learn to keep your head down.
Why impress the foolish crowd?
When you are not anyone’s clown!

Learn every day and know more,
For knowledge is but the key
Of landing from the sea onto the shore,
And also, the secret of ‘how to be happy?’

Learn to be calm in times of stress,
Do not worry when something goes wrong.
Look after your health by worrying a little less,
Life goes on like a beautiful song.

Do not argue and never criticize
Make yourself efficient and zappy.
Learn to be silent and don’t deal in lies,
For this is the secret of how to be happy.

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Written by Waqar Farooq

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