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Th3 gravity of Jessie Martin

Jessie Martin Being lost in the labyrinth of thoughts and counter thoughts, I was changing the word “me” every second,my body steps were no longer listening to my soul,Suddenly, my body steps got crunched altogether, I thought my body followed the path of thoughts. I opened my eyes to see it was a door closed […]
Jessie Martin

Jessie Martin

Being lost in the labyrinth of thoughts and counter thoughts, I was changing the word “me” every second,
my body steps were no longer listening to my soul,
Suddenly, my body steps got crunched altogether, I thought my body followed the path of thoughts.

I opened my eyes to see it was a door closed on the outside.
I opened the door to see; Down in the shady bed were some big eyes blinking slowly, reflecting something extra real happening,

I gradually directed my little eyes around, and, It was someone watching the TV, his eyes so close to the screen like he was about to touch the character’s face.

I asked , ” what are you watching dear?”

I am watching the “Jessie Martin”, answered the child.
He strictly didn’t say he is watching the film series. I stood right near the upper corner of the bed and watched the film for few minutes, But I didn’t found anything interesting, and I left the room silently and stepped into my room that was right a few meters down.

I didn’t care about the child, because he was somewhat blended into the extra reality reflecting in his eyes.
The next day, the child and TV were in the same posture.

Each day, I would see the child in the same way, in the same posture ,not even an inch away or near the Screen.

In one part of my head, I knew something was very strange, in the other part I knew
It was nothing to be concerned about!

I visited the room for 14 days without any reason.
I was feeling some unknown connection with the child, “don’t know why!”

On Saturday evening, I returned to the room after my literature classes,
The room had a bed, TV, and nothing else in it.

I went into the melancholy, cause I didn’t have even the name of the child. I just felt and knew that he had left the apartment forever.

The next day I packed everything and left the apartment except that unfinished and illusive story.

Before reaching the airport there were some meters to walk on foot through a lane.
My gaze struck the eyes of the book with some of its opening pages scattered on the ground.

The posture of the book was reflecting that the book had slipped down during a run.
My heart said it was of the same child.

Anyways, I read the opening scattered pages of the book. The name of the book was ” The second-degree reality”. The opening pages were the same uninteresting stuff that I watched in those few minutes with that child.

In one way or other, I continued reading the book and the story was about a boy “Jessie’ Martin” whose parents were murdered by the most powerful sorcerer of that time “Dermarto”, who was also an orphan from early childhood, but he turned bad with time, by the arrogance of his born powers.

Dermarto killed the parents of “Jessie Martin” as they refused to kneel down in front of him. The story was very nearly the same as the “Harry Potter”, just the characters differed.

On the last few pages was; I wonder sometimes, When I was a child I used to watch “Jessie Martin” and I strongly believed that Jessie Martin is real and exists.

But as I grew up, I came to know it was just a movie based on the novel of jk .stionin and it was really a death of illusion as I considered it real, and believe me, the death of an illusion is really melancholic.

Do I consider it real still?

Firstly what do we call real?
I guess something that can happen is real and exists.
Then many things that happen are classified into mainly two
Good and bad.

We think Jessie Martin didn’t actually happen in this world, so it is not reality.
Well, Where did jk stionin found the story of Jessie Martin, Surely, She didn’t found it in a historical book or in any gutter, But she found it in her mind. Jessie Martin, at the first, happened and got played inside the mind of jk stionin, it was a collection of thoughts.
Does it mean Jessie Martin’s world is not real but virtual real? But I think the things after happening in the mind then happen in the physical world are called real.

But the things that don’t happen in the physical world after happening in the mind are real inside the mind ( we can call it a second-degree reality, but strictly not virtuality)
And surely the concept that makes us able to distinguish what is real and what is not, also originated from the mind.
So if you are experiencing the same Illusion in childhood, don’t worry,
The Jessie Martin is real. Still real.

So if you say just the physical world is real, then there is no point of honesty in believing your own brain, in turn in the things happening in the physical world.

Every action we do, happens twice, Firstly in our mind as a thought ( imaginary) and then in physical reality.

So are you the same who says to others that don’t be so imaginary or don’t make the thought world your reality? Be some real man!

Actually here the image or thought is so-called virtuality leads to reality.
So, the virtuality of thoughts that cannot be played in reality(so-called physical reality) cannot be called virtuality as a whole, because that actually has happened in our minds in the first place.

The child was considering Jessie Martin in the TV real. This happens to everybody in childhood, if we see Jessie Martin in childhood we call it real too,
But as we grow up, we consider that childish and unreal world.

Somewhere in our brains, we underestimate the children by the fact that they are considering unreal, real. But aren’t we also kids relative to the old wise men?
Obviously yes’

Maybe our today’s considerations also change and we call it childish and unreal onwards.
So, The perception of reality changes with time.

There is no difference in the child considering Jessie Martin real, and you if you underestimate his view. Because you aren’t actually sure about your own perception of reality.

On the last page it was written;
Author of the book: Rinal Stephen.

I screamed ,screamed and screamed
Cause this was, my name.
How could be this book wriiten by me?

I visited my doctor, the next day and confronted all the matter to him that happened.

On treatment I was diagnosed with a touch of dimentia (the disease of forgetting).

This all was actually written by me, but I had forgotten it.

Who was that child then?

He was just someone.

Written by Hamyd
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Hamyd is an ambitious medical student pursuing to become a doctor. His hobbies include Photography, Reading, writing and many more. you can contact him at instagram

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