J&K Government releases new Orders as part of its Anti-Encroachment Drive.

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Anti- Encroachment Drive, J&K Govt issues fresh orders

1. Removal of anti-encroachment drive:

(i) Commissioner/Secretary, Revenue would submit a detailed report of the anti-encroachment drives covering the entire UT to the office of the Chief Secretary every evening. Deputy Commissioners were asked to personally monitor the anti-encroachment/eviction drives within their districts and submit the progress report.

(ii) During these anti-encroachment/eviction drives, DCs and SSsP were instructed to keep an eye on the law and order situation and take all necessary preventive and remedial action beforehand.

(iii) The concerned officer, official, or attorney who appeared (or failed to appear) would be held liable and dismissed with immediate effect for any unfavorable court order or stay in this regard.

(iv) People will be invited to return the encroached State land in writing in regions where residents freely choose to do so. In addition to informing the Hon’ble Court where objections or reports are filed regarding compliance with court orders, all DCs must see to it that the Geo Coordinates of the retrieved land are recorded, the entry of which is made into the revenue records as well as roznamcha by the concerned patwari, countersigned by the concerned Revenue officer, and made public.

(vi) The IT Department will create a unique Portal/Dash Board in collaboration with the Revenue Department, where specific information about all retrieved lands will be documented and made available to the public.

(vii) ADGP/Divisional Commissioners were instructed to question or conduct an investigation into any person who was seen making disparaging remarks about current anti-encroachment campaigns or who was discovered to have encroached on the property they are defending.

(viii) All DCs were instructed to use the reclaimed land as efficiently as possible. Any department planning to use the reclaimed land for a specific purpose, such as hospitals, playgrounds, bus stops, parking areas, schools, colleges, roads, industries, etc., may create a DPR and submit a funding request during the fiscal year 2023–2024.

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