JKBOSE No Practical Exams For Class 10th Annual Regular 2023

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There will be no practical tests this year for Class 10 students, according to the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE). The board will instead depend on the internal exams that were administered by the schools during the current academic year. The COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to disrupt academic calendars and cause educational institutions to use alternative teaching and assessment techniques, was taken into consideration when the decision was made.

The 20-mark internal results of the students would be sent by the schools to the board for evaluation, according to Lal Hussain, Joint Secretary, Examination, BOSE. This is a tried-and-true process that has also been used in past years. For Classes 11 and 12, however, BOSE will hold external practical exams.

Recently, the Class 10 exam in Kashmir’s soft zones came to an end. More than 63,500 pupils registered for the matriculation exam. While the examination for Class 11 begins on April 12, the examination for Class 12 begins on April 11. Last year, in accordance with the National Education Policy, the government had moved the start of the academic year to March. (NEP).

JKBOSE No Practical Exams For Class 10th Annual Regular 2023

In Kashmir, some institutions have already begun the admissions process for the upcoming semesters by giving out admission forms to kids. The admissions process for private schools is also over. The Jammu and Kashmir government’s choice to temporarily advance Class 10 students to the following class has prevented academic loss.

Students who take the Class 10 and Class 11 exams will, in accordance with the “Uniform Academic Calendar,” be provisionally admitted to Class 11 and Class 12, respectively, following the Board test. When a student is pronounced unsuccessful, they are still allowed to study in classes 11 and 12 until the results of the biannual/annual private exams are announced. According to a government directive, provisional admission would be revoked if pupils fail the bi-annual exam.

In the current context, it is imperative to decide against holding practical tests for Class 10 students in Jammu and Kashmir. It is essential to safeguard the students’ safety and wellbeing while also allowing them to continue their studies in light of the current pandemic. The use of internal tests administered by the schools will guarantee a fair and accurate evaluation process.

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