Distances Ch.4: Last days collapse

'Last Days' is the fourth chapter of Distances, and the continuation of 'Walk'. make sure you read Walk before reading 'Last days.'

Last Days collapse

… “Do you guys pray? Five times a day!” He asked.

“No. but from now on I will,” I declared. Altan was a bit hesitant to say no, but he repeated my words and Aylin too.

“So, I guess death is going to be a reward for all of us then.” He said and in a split second fell, backward.

“Ahmet!” we screamed, looking at the fading smile on his face. Altan rushed to collect some water, I unzipped his jacket to make sure he was not suffocating. In some seconds a crowd gathered around us in the park and among them, a man came rushing “I am a doctor.” He said and started checking his pulse. Suddenly Altan came with a water bottle in his hand and after sprinkling some of it on his face, Ahmet came to his senses.

“I am still alive!” He said in a very low voice, almost unconscious.

I can’t forget that day. That smile Aylin had in her beautiful eyes. That joy with which, tears were dropping off her eyes.

We took Ahmet safely to his house and I, left for mine, alone. Aylin and Altan went inside Ahmet’s house, but I left. Maybe because I wanted to be alone because now it was time to see the reality. I had observed Aylin and how she would act before Altan. I was never the guy for her.

I was just someone to roam around her trying to be as disciplined, trying to act like someone I wasn’t.

 I was not sad but in a different unexplainable state. I just went into my room and seeing the date sheet of the final exams, I knew that this game was going to be over, soon.

There were two more days left for the exams, for which I was prepared, but I was not ready. I tried to read but couldn’t. Whatever I tried, I would just start thinking about Ahmet’s disease and Aylin; the cure of every disease of mine.

From that day, I tried my best to stay as far as I can from her. I would walk with a notebook in my hand and if I would encounter them anywhere, I would act as if  I was reading. They never bothered asking me why I acted so, suddenly. I was actually waiting for her words, which never came.

I also wanted to stay as far as I could from Ahmet so that his death couldn’t cause more grief to me. Ahmet would try having a conversation with me but I just excused myself away from him. Maybe it was his vision that this conversation was a limited offer. You know, dead don’t return.

To be honest, I even ignored Altan. He was now a guy of morals. He was nice to everyone around him. He was what fitted the description Aylin had told.

One side of my heart was telling me that it will be better to forget her, the other side said that it will be as hard as impossible, and then, came the brain, saying ‘let’s give it a try.’

So, I was set to forget her, for once and for all. but nature has its plans too. You know murphy’s law; ‘Anything that has to happen will happen.’ Isolation wasn’t my thing, so I went into depression.

On the day of our last paper, I went to Ahmet, to give my farewell. The last good-bye.

“So, how are you doing?” I asked him.

“I don’t know.” He said and then proceeded, “I have a secret and I don’t know how to respond to it.”

“Can I know the secret?” I asked.

“I am suffering from the last stage of tumor bro; these are the last moments of my life.”

Even though I already knew all this I felt so painful and ashamed of myself on hearing him saying so that I was not able to stop tears falling off my eyes. He stayed as he was and proceeded, “Life is beautiful, and it is limited, for everyone. I today and someone tomorrow; we have to leave sooner or later. There is a life after this life; life after death, and I want mine to be beautiful, beautiful than this one.”

“How does it feel knowing that you just have a little time to live?”

“It is not that I have a little time to live, but my time is a little bit certain… All of us have a little time to live.”

“Damn right!”

“I hope I’ll see you again Inshallah (God Willing).” He said and left

“I kept watching him until he reached to Aylin and Altan who were discussing the paper, I think.

“So, Aylin doesn’t care about me anymore,” I said to myself and left for home. Meanwhile, I heard a voice calling me from my behind. It was Aylin’s.

“Tabib, come on. Let us go home together.” She spoke.

Now I had two choices before me. either to escape with the help of some excuses or to join them, maybe for the last time. And I decided what I must do…

End of Chapter 4; Read Ch. 5 Here 

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Editted by Ayaan Ashraf

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