I wanna fly, but my wings are broken

Weight of my thoughts tie me down.

There is no way to hide, and no escape.

There is a mountain, I need to climb.

But its shadow is drowning me

It holds the answers, and the peace of my mind.

But my strength has deserted me.

Now the clouds are moving in and I am suffocating.

If time is all we have,

I want to spend it right.

Give me a hole to fall through

And a hidden trampoline to fly.

If there is only one life,

Why are we killing it?

There is nothing more I can do.

Why are we so weak?

Why are we so lonely?

Why are we marking our ways to darkness?

The end of ‘me’ is coming near.

I am starting to see this world

In the right light.

Yet it still gets darker.

I am just a drop of paint flowing backwards.

Through the river of colors,

Waiting for a painter to interfere,

To decorate me on the walls,

And get me succeeded by the other layer.

Written by Shahid Bashir Mir
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Shahid Bashir Mir is a student from Kashmir pursuing his career in the field of medical sciences. his hobbies include Singing and Writing. You can contact Shahid at, and listen him on YouTube
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