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photo of woman sitting on floor

Emotional Protest When we don’t talk,When we don’t laugh together,or cry togetherwith the person we love,is the sign of emotional protest. When we pretend we don’t care,When actually, we care the most.When we pretend we don’t need them,when we actually need them the most,is the sign of emotional protest. When peace is maintained all outside,But […]


Traits all aspire Traits all aspire for are what you possess perfectly.You are the set of a combination of trillion desired zeroes.Answer your colors to you to your knocking questions directly,And do more than what is by heroes. Isn’t your name the property of the night sky?Do not you symbolize direction and hopeFor sailors and […]

Smiling faces

Smiling Faces Smiling faces and magical eyesWhat are you teaching the butterflies?Is it joy or this happy mood,Or lessons for not to be rude. Your magical dance with hands and feetIn every cradle, they look sweet.Your toothless smile and uncanny wordsBless the ears of singing birds. Your yawn and those constricted fists,And at the same […]

dried rose flower

Dear Death! I crave for you every day My soul tries to escape My heart has depths Darker than the grave . Not a good time to leave, It hurts, but it will hurt them more. Death, have some mercy, I used to love them from the core. . And when you will Never hear […]