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Lose you If I praise you, I will lose you.I will lose you if I say some words sweet.If I describe it, I will lose you.Description of what I know in you is discrete. If I praise you, I will fall.I will fall all the way down to the dust.Even if I chase you, I […]

Separation After all these years of separation, And after all the arrows I took. You made me love you again in oppression Of your serene and soft look. . The smile I saw on your glowing face, The shine I saw in your dreadful eyes. Made my heart run with the pace Of doves, humming […]

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Cry Get me a clown that I can hold tight and cry,As this clown is the silent friend I have always longed for.Aren’t those the same people I have wronged for?The people who forced me to water my eyes dry. My words don’t count and my essence is unnecessary.All of my emotions are deserted as […]

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Life I wanna fly, but my wings are broken Weight of my thoughts tie me down. There is no way to hide, and no escape. There is a mountain, I need to climb. . But its shadow is drowning me It holds the answers, and the peace of my mind. But my strength has deserted […]

Two old hands Two old hands grabbing the wristOf the time to stay slow,Without the death’s thirstIt lets life go. The hands covered with the wrinklesExhibiting nothing but wise.Their pale skin turning to shacklesAnd their whispers creating no more noise. That dying bitterness of wordsTo fall deep in silence, it lands.Breaking the cage of life […]