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Dear Death!

dried rose flower
Dear Death! I crave for you every day My soul tries to escape My heart has depths Darker than the grave . Not a good time to leave,
book opened on white surface selective focus photography
IF I COULD WRITE A BOOK! Impressive moment uploaded to a day, The sun rose charmful for the bay, For the mind filled with sorrows, grief, ups and downs, and conspicuous furrows, As the sun rose like the same abode. Literally commemorated the evocation of blonde, Glazed air from hairs,...

Lose you

black metal framed glass window
Lose you If I praise you, I will lose you.I will lose you if I say some words sweet.If I describe it, I will lose you.Description of what I know in you is discrete. If I praise you, I will fall.I will fall all the way down to...
'Accident' is the eighth chapter of distances and continuation of chapter 7. please read chapter 7 before reading 'Accident.' Accident As far as I know, I never saw Altan’s dad or even his mother. I never saw any of his parents on any Parent teacher meet.
Jessie Martin
Jessie Martin Being lost in the labyrinth of thoughts and counter thoughts, I was changing the word "me" every second,my body steps were no longer listening to my soul,Suddenly, my body steps got crunched altogether, I thought my body followed the path of thoughts. I opened my eyes to see...
old new
'Old-new friends is' the continuation of chapter 6 'the market'. Please read chapter 6 before reading old-new friends.  Old new friend Old friend I also pretended that I had seen nothing and began to walk by his side, But I knew what had happened....
‘The market’ is the sixth chapter of distances and continuation of ‘Ahmet.’ Make sure you read 'Ahmet.' The market Ever since Ahmet’s death life wasn’t the same. I was messed up with my problems; friends, Ahmet’s death, and what I could have changed staying a little longer with him. Everything...

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