After all these years of separation,

And after all the arrows I took.

You made me love you again in oppression

Of your serene and soft look.

The smile I saw on your glowing face,

The shine I saw in your dreadful eyes.

Made my heart run with the pace

Of doves, hummingbirds, and fireflies.

I thought I have got the privilege to cry again,

To become what I once used to be,

Loving, caring, mad and insane

And ready for you to cross the sea.

You were so beautiful that I took my eyes away,

To escape beautiful dreams and beautiful lies.

Yet I wanted that moment to freeze and stay,

but the way I chose was indeed the wise.

I will never love you again, I never can.

You have gone too far from my reach.

But I am still that same man,

With same broken chest and non-useful niche.

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