Story of a Woman Ch.4: Revelation

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… “After all we are the brothers from the same parents, isn’t it, Musaied?”

I reflected for a second and replied,”what are you talking about, I am the lone child of my parents”

“Don’t you believe me?” he asked.

“I can’t just believe any random stranger claiming to be my brother”

“But I am not just any random stranger and you probably think that me being at the library has nothing to do with you, don’t you ?”

“So if it really were you all along, are you saying that you were there because of me and not because of that lady “

“That lady you are are talking about, she’s your sister Musaied”

“Wait! How can this be true. Me, you, and Rihanna are siblings?” I asked.

“So, let me start from the beginning.” He looked me in the eyes and proceeded,”our father was abusive and used to beat our mother but you being a child back then, were helpless. But as time passed, you grew, your emotions started accumulating inside you. You tried everything and you tried your best to restrain your father from alcohol, but he started beating you as well.

One day when our father was beating our mother, you tried to hold him back, but accidentally he fell over backward and his head bumped with the edge of the table resulting in his death. Our mother took your guilt upon herself to save your future and grandma agreed to testify against her in court. .

In the jail, our mother got pregnant and gave birth to me and Rihanna. Not long after birth our mother passed away leaving us under the jailers custody. From what I was able to find out, I had been admitted to a local orphanage but not the both of us. Later on when I was a teenager the jailer told me the whole story and also what happened to Rihanna after our mothers death. He told me she had been adopted by one of the ex prisoners whose got out soon after our mother died.

When I got 18 years old, I left the orphanage in search of my sister. As luck would have it we met in the same college. Somehow she was already aware of our backstory and knew who I was. She told me how her father had made her life a living hell and wanted to flee from him. We started planning her escape but soon her father found out. I began receiving multiple death threats and I was forced to switch colleges.

Rihanna decided to play safe and tried to contact me via her friend, but her friend went missing and was never seen again. After college was over I had no way of contacting her and just kept an eye on her from the shadows. In desperation I went back to the jailer for whatever information I could gather and that’s when he told me about you. The jailer had no record of our home address so it took me quite a while to track you down.

I soon realized that you too were being spied on by her psychopath father, so I couldn’t take the risk of approaching you directly and stated to look for any possible opportunity. That’s when I found out that you had started working in a library and coincidentally it was the same one Rihanna would visit almost regularly. This was too good of an opportunity to miss out on so I decided to make my move. I trusted Rihanna to direct you towards me without arousing any suspicion and you know the rest.”

“So that suicide note and bumping into me at the railway station was all part of the plan?” I interrupted.

“It was all part of the plan”, after taking a sip from the tea cup he proceeded,”I know that it must be a lot to take in but now we are together and can finally free our sister from her misery.”

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Written by Waqar Farooq
Edited by Ayaan Ashraf

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