Story of a woman Ch. 3: The Brother

[This is the continuation of 'Story of a Woman Ch.2. please Complete Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 before reading this]

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The Brother

“I don’t need your help anymore.”

“Is she even a human?” I thought, “But wait! She doesn’t feel anything about the death of this man, so he can’t be her relative or something. But why did she needed my help and as this man disappeared, she cut me off.

I left the library, took uncle’s car and started driving to station 6, in search of that man. Meanwhile uncle called me and told me to come to the railway station. He said it was some kind of emergency. I turned the car to the railway and when I reached there, I saw uncle waiting for me at the entrance.

“I found something son. Hurry up.” He screamed from far away and began to run to his office. I followed him until I reached there too.

“The man we thought had tricked you, might actually have given information to you. He could have used any random name and we would have never been able to track him.” Then sitting on the chair, uncle proceeded, “But instead, he used the name ‘Mr. Not Known’ to catch our attention.”

“What do you think uncle? What could he be up to?”

“I think he is not going to commit suicide. If it was his plan, he wouldn’t have done the things he did. I think he was trying to tell you something… but what?”

“I have a question.”

“About what?”

“Do passengers get to choose their seats, or not?”

“If customer pays the premium price, then he can choose.”

“What was his seat number again?”

“103, if I remember correctly.”

I opened online maps and searched for street no 103 in the area of station 6, but found no result. Then I tried the same for station 5 and the same result.

“Check for house no. 103.” He said and I did as he said.

“Salaam guest house it says.”

“Salaam means peace in Arabic,” He said with a surprised face and I knew what he meant to say.

The paper clip he had handed me said “Tell her to let me die in peace.”

I ran to the car and started driving for station 5. After a one-hour long drive, I finally reached salaam guest house. I got off my car and started walking inside.

“May I help you sir.” Said a lady.

“I am looking for my friend’s friend here.”

“OK. Please tell me their name so that I may take you to their room.” She spoke.

“Well! I don’t remember his name. but he visits library almost every day.”

“Oooo…kaaaaay… but I don’t know who visits the library here. They don’t tell me where they go whenever they leave.” She spoke.

“well… his name…” I put my hand on my forehead to pretend as I was trying to remember and suddenly a voice came from my right side. “Junaid.” The voice said. Soon as i heard the name Junaid my heart skipped a beat.

I looked to the right side and found a well-built man there.

“He is looking for Junaid.” He said again to the lady.

“Well, sir here is your friend’s friend.” The lady said to me pointing to that man on my right side.

“It can’t be him.” I said to myself.

“Please come with me.” He said politely.

I followed him until we both reached a room. He opened the door and said “Please!” I entered the room and so did he.

“Please make yourself comfortable.” he said pointing to the chair. I sat on the chair and he handed me a cup of tea and he added, “After all we are brothers from the same parents, isn’t it, Musaied?”

End of Ch. 3: The brother, click here to continue for chapter 4

Written by Waqar Farooq
Edited by Ayaan Ashraf

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