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Story of a Woman Ch. 5: The Plan

[This is the continuation of 'Story of a Woman Ch. 4. please Complete Ch.4 before reading this or start from the Ch.1] The Plan “You never came to visit our mother in jail?” he said and suddenly some ten men came in the room crashing the door. “You, traitor!” Junaid screamed looking at me.                […]
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[This is the continuation of 'Story of a Woman Ch. 4. please Complete  Ch.4 before reading this or start from the Ch.1]

The Plan

“You never came to visit our mother in jail?” he said and suddenly some ten men came in the room crashing the door.

“You, traitor!” Junaid screamed looking at me.

               “I don’t even know who they are.” I said replying.

Three of them grabbed me and one of them started punching on my face. Others did the same with the Junaid and these men took us out. I only remember that I was hit on my head and when I woke up, I was in Junaid’s room.

“How did they know that you were coming here?” Junaid asked me right away.

“Oh…!” I said feeling a little numb, “when I was heading here, I saw Rihanna in a car. I followed her, but then I realized that I was trapped. After beating me they took me to Rihanna. She said that she doesn’t want to interfere in this matter and gave authority to her men to do whatever they want to do with me. After a while, I woke up in my car. And I guess they followed me here.”

“so, this was the accident?”

“I guess so.” I replied, “Do you know why i never came to see our mother?”


“Our grandma never let me to.”

Junaid laughed with a shine of tears in his eyes and hugged me and said, “We are hit by the same sword brother.”

“Junaid you, ok?” I asked him.

“I had almost lost the hope to meet you. Let us rebuild our world again, after uniting with Rihanna.”

“Indeed.” I replied hugging him back and asked him, “where are those men and who saved us?”

“Do you know why this guest house is special?” he asked.


“Because here, we live as a family.”

               Suddenly a man came into the room and said, “Junaid, there is someone waiting for you outside.”

“bring him in.”

The guy came into the room and he looked like the men from earlier, and he said “I can be a great help to both of you.”

“You can’t fool me. I have seen you. You work for Arkham.”

“Yes, but he is my enemy too.”

“Really! So why are you working for him?”

“Who is Arkham?” I interrupted.

“The one who adopted your sister.” The man replied and asked, “So Junaid, out of you and your sister, why do you think Arkham chose your sister?”

“How am I supposed to know that.”

“And on the other hand, do you know why Arkham was imprisoned in the first place?”

“I don’t care why he was jailed.” Replied Junaid, “He is enough of a psychopath already.”

“It is important that you finally get to know his story.” seeing Junaid’s questioning eyes, the man proceeded, “Arkham killed my brother because he was the only person who stood against him. After killing him, he publicly announced it so as to maintain his fear in the hearts of people. But that didn’t last long as he was soon arrested and taken to jail.

No one dared to look directly into his eyes and everyone tried to stay away from him. Soon the loneliness took over him and it started affecting his mind and he started to go crazy until a ray of sunshine hit him and it was your sister; Rihanna.

She was the only one who would look him directly in the eyes and smile. Something changed in him. He started to grow fond of her and would spend the whole day playing with her. So much so that your mother started to trust him with her daughter. After a month your mother started to grow ill. She made it clear not o entrust her children to their grandmother.

After your mother’s death, it was decided that the twins will be admitted to an orphanage. Before getting his bail Arkham declared that he was going to adopt Rihanna. And you already know what happened after that.” After a deep breath, he proceeded “If you want your sister to be freed then you have to help me take my revenge on him.”

“So, what is the plan?” asked Junaid.

“Plan…” he looked to both of us and proceeded, “Plan ism that your brother must come with me and disguise himself as one of his men.”

Junaid stopped him saying, “You can’t take my brother I can’t allow that.”

“I will make sure of this safety, I have a well structured plan.”

“Well i don’t care a bit about your plan. It is not necessary that everything will go according you have planned. Plans can fail too.”

“If you don’t do as I say I won’t be able to help you.”

Then he said pointing towards Junaid, “I would have taken you, but Arkham knows you. No one will recognize your brother and as far as the men from today are concerned, I can handle them.”

“What do you even need me for?” I asked.

“you ask too many questions.”

After a brief discussion between me and Junaid, we agreed to his conditions. The next week he took me with him and before I could know it, I was one of Arkham’s men.

The first step of the plan was to somehow get close to Rihanna and the easiest way to do that was to become her driver. Replacing her old driver was a piece of cake as Hurram easily managed that.

Now to take the plan forward Rihanna was to be made aware of the situation and I had a nice plan in mind.

The next day as per her usual routine she was supposed to go to the library and I was waiting in the driver’s seat. She got in the car but could recognize me and we left. I pulled in front of the library and as soon as she stepped out of the car and our eyes met, she was in utter shock. She froze for a moment but before the guards could suspect anything, she went on into the library and I followed her.

Inside the library, she asked me to hand her a book and I managed to slip in a note and handed it over to her.

I started worrying that she might not be able to find the note, but there was nothing I could do about it, so I just waited. When we finally left the library, I opened the door for her, and before entering, she looked at me, and with a surprisingly peaceful look on her face, she nodded and I knew that my plan had worked.

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Written by Waqar Farooq
Editted by Ayaan Asraf

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