Study Material Of English For Bg 2nd Semester Unit 1 & 2nd

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STUDY MATERIAL: In this post, we’ll explain that we’ll provide study materials for students at Kashmir University. Students in the second semester can get their study materials right here.

The complete list of questions will be posted at the bottom once we discuss some of them.

Study Material Of English For Bg 2nd Semester Unit 1 & 2nd

Qno1: What do travellers to the “otherworldly and magical Ladakh” affect the people who belongs there?

Ans. The visitors to the “otherworldly and enchanting Ladakh” have a wide range of effects on the locals. The travellers’ introduction of the essence of technology growth into Ladakh has impacted the life of the locals. They have started thinking along new lines as a result of this interface. The author refers to Ladakh as the hidden gem and a brand-new setting to dramatise all the contradictions of civilization, as well as its drawbacks and ills. Due to the influence of various travellers, the people of Ladakh have realised the need to abandon antiquated customs and consider living in a world with modern conveniences like construction cranes and revving, honking cars, igniting a desire in them to experience and savour the fruits of technology.

Qno2What does the writer tell us to show that while young people in Ladakh’s towns
prefer western ways of entertainment.

Ans. The author makes a clear distinction between rural and urban lifestyles. The author mentions how regularly the teens in the area used to visit Hotel California in order to depict town life and to provide a clue at urban culture or western ways of life. The residents of the villages do not frequently visit hotels; instead, they favour more traditional forms of entertainment.

Qno3What discovery did Raman make during his voyage across the Mediteranean and how did it prove to be important?

Ans. Raman made a surprising observation about the colour of the sea on his journey across the Mediterranean, and he went on to describe how water molecules may scatter light similarly to air molecules. This turned out to be a crucial and revolutionary finding at the time, and it served as the foundation for the discovery of the renowned Ramon Effect.

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