Video: Oh my this what a school teacher should do..horrible video

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Dance Video: In this video, a school teacher can be seen dancing to Haryana state dance songs in the classroom. This video is now going viral.

Video: Oh my this what a school teacher should do..horrible video

Viral video of school teachers: Various strange videos are going viral on social media from time to time. Seeing these, netizens forget their stress and enjoy laughing. In recent times, wedding videos, lovers’ videos, teachers’ videos, and animal videos have been taking over the internet. So always a separate mouse for videos related to schools. These videos are very popular among netizens. Accordingly, the video that has come out now is different from all these. This video seems to be related to the school teacher.

Generally, everyone likes dancing. Accordingly, sometimes adult dance videos and sometimes child dance videos go viral on the website. Apart from this, we are seeing that the dance videos of the school teacher are also going viral. In the now-released video, we can see a teacher dancing in class.

School Teacher’s Dance

In this, you will see the teacher dancing to Haryana’s hit song ‘Baby Mere Birthe Par’ in class. You will be shocked to see how the teacher dances during this. This video is currently going viral on social media at bullet speed.

This video has been shared by Instagram user farana375. Also, netizens are throwing various negative comments on this video. Also, this video has been watched by lakhs of people so far.

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