Viral Video: Know the Belgian Teacher Whose Kashmir Folk Song Broke the Internet

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SRINAGAR: Recently, Lindsey Lobbens, a Belgian teacher, was spotted singing a well-known Kashmiri folk song, Raavey, while elegantly adorned in a traditional Kashmiri Tilla Pheran. The song, penned by the renowned Kashmiri poet Mehmood Gani has remained a popular number but, off late, was less in vogue.

The video, presented by Zeez Originals on YouTube captured Lindsey’s enchanting performance. It also showcased Lindsey’s deep admiration for the region, to which she is a frequent visitor.

Viral Video: Know the Belgian Teacher Whose Kashmir Folk Song Broke the Internet

Having visited Kashmir on five occasions, Lindsey expressed her affection for Kashmir. She initially came to the valley in 2017 and was captivated by its beauty and allure ever since. “I love this place; that’s why I came back again,” Lindsey joyfully exclaimed.

Lindsey’s passion for traveling brought her to Kashmir, despite apprehensions stemming from media reports about the region’s conditions. However, her experience in the valley dispelled all fears as she shared, “It was only in the news we could see Kashmir and also know about the condition. We were also afraid of coming here, but when I came here, I saw none of that.”

“My dreams came true with this song,” Lindsey exclaimed with excitement. “I’ve always dreamed of singing in a studio, and I shared that with Peer Zahoor, but I wasn’t expecting that he would do this for me. I really felt honored.”

“Nowadays, the younger generation doesn’t seem interested in our own songs, and seeing this foreign lady singing in a language she doesn’t even know is worth appreciating,” commented a local Kashmiri. The video created a viral sensation the moment it was uploaded, and people couldn’t resist praising Lindsey’s talent and dedication.

Some viewers left heartfelt comments on the video, expressing admiration for the foreign singer’s remarkable performance. One person wrote, “Wow! I’m truly amazed by the foreign singer’s talent and dedication to singing a different language song. Her ability to convey the message and capture the song’s essence is simply outstanding. It’s a wonderful testament to the universal power of music, transcending language barriers and touching hearts worldwide. Congratulations to the entire team of ZEEZ Originals.” Another comment read, “I truly believe this is a masterpiece, mind-blowing combination.”

Lindsey, while discussing her experiences while picking the local language for a song, expressed her frustration, saying, “I feel frustrated and angry because I cannot speak Kashmiri.” However, she also noted that people were supportive and helped her navigate through the language challenges. She personally speaks Dutch.

Her admiration for the picturesque Kashmiri mountains was evident, as she remarked, “I love the mountains and I love to look around the greenery and everything.”

Grateful for her family’s support, Lindsey expressed her thanks, saying, “I want to thank my husband, my son, and my dog for letting me come here and for supporting me, and also my in-laws because when I come here, they take care of everything there.”

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Lindsey yearned to visit Kashmir and stay connected with its people and culture, sharing, “I want to visit once a year, and if possible, twice a year, to see the people and experience the culture.”

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