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Be wise, be good.
Be humble as the grass,
Which holds everything bowing,
And at last, raises its head like a Warrior.

Be confident but not proud.
For pride is nothing but a daydream that never exists.
Be tolerant, for every word against your actions may be true,
Like death; which seems fiction until its arrival.

Nothing will you understand if not understood love,
Every bitter word of a parent is the highest form of it.
No one can you defeat until,
You sacrifice your desires for this love.

The key to triumph lies in you,
And ‘you’ is what ‘other’ is not.
Not your idle, not an actor, neither a philosopher.
But you are what you try to become.

Become a warrior,
By not fighting others, but thyself,
For more, it is hit the sharper a sword becomes.
Become a warrior by fighting thy desires.

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Written by Waqar Farooq

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